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Lion Club Tail Twister Ideas, Stories, and Antics

August 7th, 2013 by orlando


Enthusiastic, good humored, life of the meeting, full of laughs, stunts, and of course “fines”. It’s likely this describes your club’s Tail Twister. The Tail Twister is one of the most important roles in the Lions Club. They lighten up meetings when the topic becomes too serious, boost the morale of members, and keep membership a fun part of life! In fact, membership attendance is always higher at a Lions Club with a successful Tail Twister.

So you may wonder “What exactly makes a successful Tail Twister?”
Well, I’d like to pose that question to you! What makes your Lions Club Tail Twister the best? Share your best Tail Twister stories or rituals by posting a comment below. If you are just starting out as your club’s Tail Twister or need some new ideas, read the posts below. In addition, checkout these two resources: “A Guide To Tail Twisting” and “Tail Twister Booklet”

Be sure to post a story about your favorite Lions Club Tail Twister and their antics below! And if you’re looking for a way to tribute your club’s Tail Twisters past and present consider creating a custom pin in their honor!