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Size Guide


When creating a lapel pin, the size of the product will determine how well it can be read and how detailed the artwork can be.

When determining a size for your lapel pin, it’s a good idea to take the design into consideration.  The smaller the size, the harder it is to read and comprehend detailed images.  Smaller lapel pins, such as .05” to 1”, are perfect for simplistic designs such as company logos or emblems.  As you get into more detail, common lapel pins sizes are typically between 1.25 and 2 inches, depending on your personal preference.

Because not all lapel pins are round, you will need to know how to determine the size of an odd shaped pin, such as the VIP ribbon shown below.  To measure a custom shaped pin, simply measure the distance between the two furthest points.  In this case it would be from the top of the road, to the bottom corner of the ribbon.

Below are a few examples of lapel pins and how they compare in size to American coinage. For example, a quarter is equal to a 1” pin.  This may help you choose the size of your lapel pin based on the complexity of your custom design.